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What is Female Pattern Hair Loss?

Hair loss problems are common to both men and women but the hair loss pattern in women might be different to that of men. Women are most likely to suffer from hair loss after menopause because of instability of hormones. Most of the women experience hair loss after 65 years of age. 

Female pattern hair loss, also known as androgenic alopecia, can affect women as they grow older. In this hair loss pattern, women tend to start losing hair from certain segments of scalp making it look thinner. It is common for women to lose 50 - 100 hair a day but women with hair loss tend to lose more count of hair strands on a regular basis. Unlike as seen in men, women do not go completely bald or have receding hair line most of the time but they do suffer from heavy hair fall around the scalp, making it look thinner and bald. 

There are three stages to female pattern hair loss, such as  Type 1- small amount of thinning around the parts Type 2- thinning areas start to look wider Type 3- thinning througho…

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